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Why Choose Jim Lawless?

I Will Develop Your PLAN!

Jim Lawless finds the “WHAT” in your challenge and proceeds to the “Why.”  Then, assists you in developing your “PLAN” illustrating numerous possibilities with opportunities, risks, and timeliness.

  • Always On Time

    You will always get timely responses and prompt attention. Isn’t it annoying waiting for a response when you’re ready to get started?  Well now you have someone on your side who is always there. 

  • Years of Experience

    Jim Lawless taught over 250 college & university courses in accounting, economics, finance, statistics, and other disciplines. He has a background in Fixed & Guaranteed Investments.

  • Straight Shooter

    Jim is big on helping individuals and businesses alike. He is a straight shooter when it comes to helping you achieve your goals!

Financial Planning Services

Estate Planning | Revocable Living Trust

Estate Planning

Do you have assets exceeding $150,000? What about an estate plan? Without a plan, courts decide what to do with your assets. Jim Lawless specializes in revocable living trusts and other elder law solutions that protect your beneficiaries. 

Retirement Planning

Worried about providing for yourself in retirement? (Or being able to retire at all?) Jim Lawless works exclusively with guaranteed retirement investments so your future isn't dependent on changing markets.

Retirement Planning and Guaranteed Retirement Income
Long-Term Care LTC

Long-Term Care

Who will care for you tomorrow? What about long in the future? Jim Lawless can help you plan for long-term care (LTC) without impacting your current lifestyle.

Income Protection

Is your family or business dependent on your income? Jim Lawless works with clients just like you to create a plan that provides critical income to the people who count on you when you can't.

Income Protection | Disability Income
Guaranteed College Funding

College Funding

Want to ensure your child gets the best possible education (without them starting out adulthood with enormous student loan debt)? Jim Lawless helps parents and grandparents use guaranteed financial investments to fund children's futures.

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