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Guaranteed College funding.

Why is College Funding so important?

We all want our children and grandchildren to do well in life, and to be successful. In today's world, either a college degree or significant vocational training is a must! Both choices are expensive. Why have the kids start out with the burden of student loans?

Let's put a plan in place for their future.

 There are many ways to fund your children's or grandchildren's higher educational expenses, and the time to start is right now. The key to this type of investment is to start early, so that the funds are there when your child or grandchild needs them.

 You do not want to put this money at risk by investing it in a volatile market, nor do you want to mix it with your other savings funds. (Please see my other videos on emergency funds and paying yourself first).

Considering this would be a long-term investment, you will want to establish a fund that is liquid, guaranteed, and with a consistent rate of return.

The perfect investment will also be creditor and inflation-protected, transferable, easy to manage, reputable, and private. There will also be no hidden fees or penalties.

 The plan I have available will provide all of these things, and become the perfect investment for you, your children, and or your grandchildren. 

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind retirement Solutions


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Peace of Mind retirement Solutions


Create a legacy as a parent or grandparent with GUARANTEED college funding. The sooner you start, the more funds will be available when needed.

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Peace of Mind retirement Solutions


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Peace of Mind retirement Solutions


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Peace of Mind retirement Solutions


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Financial planning looks different for everyone. I'm here to help you find your unique plan.

Peace of Mind retirement Solutions
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