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Financial planning for parents and grandparents in california

Few jobs in California are available without a degree and those that are often don’t provide enough income for the competitive housing market, a growing family, or desirable lifestyle. Despite the clear need for college or vocational training, the majority of college-educated adults graduate with more than $30,000 in federal student loan debt. Students with private student loans have an average of $55,000 in debt.

We all want our children, grandchildren, and other dependents to have financial stability. The burden of student debt can rob them of that stability.

But you can change that.

California financial advisor Jim Lawless works with parents, grandparents, and guardians to create a plan that funds higher education expenses. Jim works exclusively with guaranteed and fixed investments so your child’s future isn’t in question when the market plummets.

There are several strategies to fund your child’s education, but the most critical part of any plan is to start now—the earlier the better.

Whether you have the beginnings of a plan to help your child pay for college or you have just begun looking toward the future, you can create a plan for guaranteed college funding with the help of Coachella Valley financial advisor Jim Lawless.

How Can You Create Guaranteed College Funding in California?


Insurance products can provide reliable funds for higher education in California.

Tax-Free Investments

A tax-free investment account can help provide for college funding by accruing over time.

Smart Savings

Certain savings options provide more predictable and reliable sources of funding for college.

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind retirement Solutions


Are you looking forward to retirement with anticipation or dreading how your lifestyle may change? Jim Lawless can help you create your retirement plan in the Desert Cities.

Get Retirement Ready
Peace of Mind retirement Solutions


What will your legacy be? One resource you can give your children or grandchildren is guaranteed college funding. 

Fund Your Child's Future
Peace of Mind Retirement Planning | Jim Lawless
Peace of Mind retirement Solutions


If you have $100,000+ in assets, you need an estate plan. Jim Lawless specializes in the building blocks of estate planning in the Coachella Valley, such as revocable living trusts.

Create Your Estate Plan
Peace of Mind retirement Solutions


Do you have a plan for long-term care? Planning ahead can protect your wishes and help your loved ones make crucial decisions.

Make LTC Decisions
Peace of Mind retirement Solutions


Does your family or business rely on your income? Get income protection in the Coachella Valley or Morongo Basin to provide for the people you care for when you can't.

Protect Your Income

Financial planning is deeply personal. I'm here to help you find your unique financial plan for today's needs and tomorrow's peace of mind.

Peace of Mind retirement Solutions
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