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Income protection is a critical part of financial planning. It’s exciting to think ahead to retirement and achieving your financial goals, but income protection accounts for what happens to your family, business, or standard of living in a worst-case scenario. Jim Lawless can help you with income protection, SSI, and disability income in Palm Springs and other desert cities.

Disability insurance, a form of income protection, applies if you:

  • Develop a severe illness and are unable to work
  • Need to extend maternity leave or another form of personal leave
  • Become permanently disabled
  • Experience a medical issue that affects your ability to work for 90 days or more

Disability is more probable than any of us want to think. If you’re 25 to 65, you are six times more likely to develop a disability that keeps you from working for 90 days or more than you are to die.

Income protection is especially important if you:

  • Do not have a large reserve of emergency cash
  • Are the primary breadwinner in your household
  • Are fundamental to daily operations at your business
  • Would not be able to cover your expenses on SSI alone

Income protection isn’t just to survive, you should also consider it important if your regular, predictable level of income allows you to maintain your lifestyle.

Make income protection, like California disability insurance, part of your financial plan today.

What Is Disability Insurance?

California disability insurance is a type of life insurance. In the case of illness, injury, or disability, this type of insurance pays out a portion of your current income.

There are multiple types of disability insurance in California, including short-term and long-term.

As your financial planner in Southern California, Jim Lawless can help you determine how best to protect your income and financial priorities.

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Does your family or business rely on your income? Get income protection in the Coachella Valley or Morongo Basin to provide for the people you care for when you can't.

Protect Your Income

Financial planning is deeply personal. I'm here to help you find your unique financial plan for today's needs and tomorrow's peace of mind.

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